Age Erase Collagen Cream


We have been working on our collagen product for two years and are finally ready to put it in the bottles!  We have new art for the packaging that will be release Jan 1 2017

Age Erase Collagen Cream is made with organically sourced collagen from lupine seeds!  A native plant to Colorado there is a little coating on the seeds that has been through clinical trials and is shown to be a very effective topical collagen treatment.  It works by stimulating the production of 2 specific collagen molecule "chaperones".

Age Erase collagen cream plumps, aids in elasticity, helps your skin naturally produce collagen, changes facial contours and allows your skin to "snap back".

In our study, 25 white skinned ladies tried Age Erase collagen cream for 90 days.  We looked at skin elasticity and snap using a cutometer.  This allows you to measure changes in the skin.  Essentially the cutometer is a testing probe slightly pressed on the skin with the result of a temporary vacuum. The skin is lifted, stretched and then released. These deflections are optically recorded and evaluated.  In our group we showed an improvement of 10% over the entire group.  We noticed less sagging of skin and when asked 92% of them noticed an improvement in firmness and 72% noticed a reduction of facial sagging.

container holds .33 oz of product by volume or .6 oz by weight.

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ingredients:  collagen from lupine seeds, aloe, sunflower oil, skin drops, essential oils of rose, mandarin and pink grapefruit.

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