Muscle Remedy


Get your blood moving!  Active people get tired and achy muscles too.  This miracle worker helps get your Chee moving. 

The essential oil blend was designed by a Denver based accupuncture specialist to get your blood moving (Qi or Chee).  Boosted by the addition of cannabinoids or CBD, your muscles will begin to relax and release the toxins on contact. 

Arnica montana tightens and constricts the muscles and it tells your vascular system to get to work and move the energy though.

This means that if you experience muscle fatigue or bruising from a work out, your work day or a slip you will recover much more quickly with this product.

Several of our local massage therapists use it in treatment to help restore you and their hands more quickly.

We hope you love using it as much as we love making it.  Now in a easy to use 4 oz travel friendly squirt bottle.

Contains: :  Organic chardonnay grapeseed oil,  sunflower, arnica, 100 Mgs CBD, coconut and proprietary EO blend that includes cedarwood, pettitgrain, frankincense, vetiver, cassia, wintergreen, and camphor.

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