Vivify Serum


Vivify Serum comes In a half ounce pump bottle and contains 100% of the smallest molecular weight formulation of sodium hyaluronate.  (The particles are smaller than 5,000 daltons.)  The bright citrus scent makes it a pleasure to add to your skin care routine.  We suggest trying a course of Vivify for anyone who needs to give their skin a dramatic boost.  You will use one or two pumps morning and night to gain volume deep in the layers of your skin.

What is sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) and why do you want it topically? (See the Queen talk about it:

It is already running throughout our bodies. All of our joints, our eyes etc are full of it. It is our body’s natural lubricant. When you look at a new born baby and they are so plump they appear swollen, that is sodium hyaluronate. As we age, this is another key ingredient our skin loses. If you want to add plumping, nothing works like this key ingredient.  It is used as fillers and injected into the skin, but you can get great results just applying it topically.

Having long been a fan of this ingredient, but only finding a plant based source a few years ago, we created our Hydro products which include Hydro Primer and Hydro Spritz. Our obsession has grown now with the results we see in our treatment room. We love these products and have seen a visible difference in everyone who uses them consistently. The results we see have inspired us to add a few new products to our line of sodium hyaluronate rich skin care items. 

contains: ultra low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate, aloe and floral and citrus essentials oils.

Comes in an airless pump storing a half ounce of product.

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