Ceramide Spritz


We just updated the packaging for this amazing spritz.  The formula didn't change, just got a prettier look as of August 2017.

Ceramides are one of the three critical components in our skin.  They help keep our skin's protective barrier flexible and healthy.  This simple spritz gives your face a powerful boost with 5% phyto ceramide complex that is vegan and paraben free.    We also add the protein fibers from comfrey to further aid in night time barrier repair and the restoration of healthy skin.  Topical application of allantoin stimulates cell growth and repair while simultaneously depressing inflammation making it an ideal companion to our phyto-ceramide complex.

Ceramides can be found in many products, but is often derived from animal fat making it a material that isn't in alignment with Queen Bee's mission of plant derived healing products.  This new phyto ceramide complex is a great addition to almost any skin care routine.

If you have aging, sensitive or sun damaged skin this soothing spritz at bed time is just what your skin is waiting for.  Go ahead.  Give yourself a treat!  Spritz.  As of September 1st - now you will find this product in a 2 oz.

See what the Queen has to say?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRCCFYGUVWg
ingredients: distilled water, phyto ceramide complex, allantoin (derived from comfrey), polysorbate 20 (binding agent) and essential oils of jasmine, ylang ylang and rose. 

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