Sea Buckthorn C Serum


Sea Buckthorn C Serum - weightless oil
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You know Vitamin C is good for your skin. Why not choose a naturally occurring source versus chemically produced?  Just like with the foods we eat, when you source vitamins from naturally occurring sources like plants, your skin understands and absorbs it more quickly.  Queen Bee's  C Serum is a simple blend of a superfood called Sea buckthorn and skin friendly golden organic jojoba oil.  Extremely rich in phyto-nutrients, Sea Buckthorn Berry is revered as being nourishing, regenerative, and restorative helping to lessen premature aging of the skin.   Like most of the Queen Bee's products, our organic vitamin C serum is vegan friendly. 

More about Sea buckthorn and why you might want it in your daily skin care routine…
     The fruit of the plant has a high vitamin C content—in a range of 114 to 1550 mg per 100 grams with an average content (695 mg per 100 grams) about 12 times greater than oranges— placing sea-buckthorn fruit among the most enriched plant sources of vitamin C. 
     Sea buckthorn oils have a complete spectrum of Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 7 and Omega 9. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are both balanced and highly concentrated in Sea buckthorn oil.  This type of profile is critically important for absorption and utilization of essential fatty acids in the skin. Research has shown that high concentrations of Omega-3 feed your skin.
    The trace minerals found in Sea buckthorn oil are: Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Lycopene, Manganese, Phosphorus, and Iodine.  Some people use it in tanning products, both to protect against UV rays and to provide a 'bronzing' affect. For healthy and beautiful hair, skin and nails
Slow the aging process due to the high levels of Vitamins A, C and E.
   Dr Oz recommends it as a natural remedy to treat Acne due to the high volume of free radical fighting antioxidants that naturally occur in this hyper-charged vitamin C berry.

Squalane - aka Skin Drops!
Squalane (note the A) is from olives while Squalene (with an e) is extracted from shark liver oil.  Both squalene and squalane have been used for years in many skin creams and cosmetics as well as in vaccines.   It works at a cellular level allowing moisture to be absorbed.  This ability to permeate the layers of skin is the reason why it works so quickly to make tiny fine lines disappear.  Over time, the hydrated skin becomes smoother and more elastic, too.

Squalane absorbs slowly through the skin and and has emollient properties that soften and soothe skin. It adds a layer of oil on the skin that helps to slow water loss and keep skin soft and supple. You will find it used in a variety of cosmetics including creams designed to help heal dry skin, lipstick, lotions and other cosmetic products.

How do you use it?
It’s so safe you can eat it, but we apply it topically all over our delicate faces and include our lips. It is a soft sweet orange scented treat that you will love using. Best to use vitamin rich products at night as they dissipate when exposed to the sun.  Our handy vial is great as on overall moisturizer.  It will last about 3 months with regular use.  A little dab will "do" ya!

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This product ships in a one oz amber bottle with a pump.

contains: skin drops, jojoba, sea buckthorn oil, essential oils of mandarin and sweet orange.

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