Perfect Pedicure Polishing Pumice


If you have ever had a the perfect pedicure in a salon, we guess  they used one of these polishing pumice stones.  It isn't the grey hard rock that just sits in the shower because you don't like to use it. 

These come in a variety of colors and are made in Germany.  We think the secret of their exfoliating fabulous-ness comes from the stones being crushed and then formed into the size bar that fits in your hand.  The edges wear smooth and they are the bomb for your home spa pedicure routine.  They are just soft enough to form to your feet and scrub off dirt, debris, dead skin and a bad day.

We keep them in every bathroom during the summers months - you can use on your hands too after gardening or hard work.

(sorry, we don't get to pick which colors we get... so it is a little random.)  colors vary.

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