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This product is redesigned from the inside out! As of April 1, it is a larger 1 oz size bottle.† That makes it twice the size and easier to use in a self dispensing pump.† We also chose to add essential oils to help rebuild skin and put a smile on your face.† Red Mandarin & Rose Geranium as the essential oils we selected both for their powerful aromatherapy benefits and skin healing redness reduction and antioxidant properties.

Skin drops is made of pure squalane that breaks the surface tension of your skin so that moisture can be absorbed.† Adding a couple drops to your normal skin care routine promotes elasticity and allows fine lines to disappear in mature skin.

Super Charge your Skin care routine with pure Squalane. Skin Drops!

Queen Bee has selected Squalane (a vegan form of Squalene) as one of our key ingredients because of the many benefits associated with its skin care benefits.† To make things simple, we call it skin drops because most people find it hard to pronounce and remember Squalane.† It is one of the naturally occurring properties in our sebum (the protective layer of our skin).†† Sebum is a complex and variable mixture of lipids including:†Glycerides, Free fatty acids,†Wax esters,†Squalene,†Cholesterol esters,†Cholesterol.

What is it and what does it do for your skin?
It works at a cellular level allowing moisture to be absorbed.† This ability to permeate the layers of skin is the reason why it works so quickly to make tiny fine lines disappear.† Over time, the hydrated skin becomes smoother and more elastic, too.

Skin Drops are one of natureís super fatty oils that can rejuvenate the skin and boost the immune system.† It is one of the main components of our sebum and the hydrolipidic film that protects our skin.† Our Queen Bee Skin Drops work as an emollient which mimics skinís lipids. It helps osmosis of lipid actives through the skin.† It mimics skinís own lipids with the equivalent of human sebum and prevents water loss . Due to its good skin absorption, and deep moisture retention properties.†

Skin Drops ships in a 1 oz ounce pump bottle.

ingredients:† vegan squalane, essential oils of red mandarin and rose geranium

Queenie's Tip--Use this with any other moisturizer for face or body to boost it's efficacy.† It makes hair shine shine shine, too.† We rub a little on the ends or our hair to surround us with the happy scent.

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