Glycolic Exfoliating Toner

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Glycolic is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid producing a mini peel in your cleansing routine. It breaks the bonds the hold dead cells to the surface of your skin.

Glycolic Acid is a great treatment for sun damaged and aging skin. It is sold and used in facial treatments at strengths up to 30%, but many people that have sensitive skin would not enjoy the feeling it would create. At 10% it heats up your skin and leaves a temporary redness. The goal of using Glycolic acid on your skin, is that it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aids in the process of cell regeneration. The Queen blends full strength glycolic with water & lavender to make using this tonic a pleasure. It is tempered down to approximately 2% glycolic so that you can use it without the burning and discomfort that stronger blends create.

It should be used with a gentle hand until you know how your skin reacts. We suggest using it three times a week and rinsing it off right after it has been applied. Follow it with a high vitamin moisturizer like our C Serum or Daily Facial Vitamin Serum and you will have fresh, tight newer looking skin looking back at you in the mirror.

The Queen noticed right away that the pores in her Tzone appeared dramatically smaller and dead cells disappeared.

4 oz squirt bottle

There is light lavender/blue food coloring in this product.  One drop per gallon of product.  We do this so that you can see the product on cotton in order to know how much you are using.

NOTE:  November of 2013 we had a batch where the blue food coloring did not bind together with the other ingredients, so we have gone back to the original lavender color.  Most people will not even see the color variance, we wanted to assure you that is safe to use.  Some people may notice it is a little cloudy now.  That is just from an emusifying agent called Polysorbate 20.  We use approx 1/4 teaspoon per gallon and have found no negative impact from this ingredient.  We have also started using a tiny amount of Leucadal lotion which is a preservative derived from radishes.

Directions for use:  This is a mild glycolic liquid exfoliant.  It can be used every day depending on your skin type.  If you feel dryness, you may want to use every other day.  If you have sensitive skin, we suggest you splash a little cool water on after using the product to dilute it on your skin.  If you have mature or oily skin, you will enjoy allowing it to remain full strength on the skin.

We suggest use it before or instead of a cleanser for a deeper clean.

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