Raw Shea Butter

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Raw shea is for extreme healing of dry skin.
100% unrefined raw shea butter is the Queen Bee's superfat.† We use it in many of our products and like to use it raw on hands, feet, lips and eye area to hydrate and create a soothing barrier.† In the rockies, we use it as a daily topical treatment for dry skin, before and after skiing to sooth wind chapped skin, to heal dry hands from working with animals and cleaning products, in the summer to cure dry cracked heels and hands from water rafting and wakeboarding.

Direct from a source in Northern Ghana. We procure this great hydrating creamy butter from an organic company here in the states that has established a direct link with women in a village in Northern Ghana. They have taught them about sustainable organic farming and extraction of the Shea, so you can feel even better about this product as you smooth it on your skin. We know once you try it you will be as addicted as we are!

Just below the Great Sahara Desert lies a broad swath of the African Savannah lands. Outside of the rainy season, this is one of the harshest, driest, dustiest places on earth. Brutal sun, wind, and the Hamatan dust take a terrible toll to exposed skin. Women of this region long ago learned how to extract an oil from the kernel of the nut of the Shea tree. Because it is very solid at room temperature this became know as shea butter. In remote areas, most people use shea butter as a valuable food oil. Itís is visible to the naked eye those villages that use it as a skin healing agent. The texture of their skin is visibly different from those who do not use it. Butyrospermum-Parkii or this nut is also sometimes called Karite. Call it what you want, we love it!

It contains vitamins A, E and F.† Anti-aging is only one of the several conditions raw shea butter remedies.† Other†uses†include: Dry skin, Rashes, Peeling after tanning, Blemishes, Itching, Skin cracks, Wound healing time, Scarring, Sunburn, Insect bites, Rough skin on feet, elbows or knees, and Chapped lips

Note: Individuals with both Type B Latex allergy and Nut allergy can react to shea butter.

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