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The Queen has been researching light therapy (LED) for over two years.† Searching for statistical data on the effects of LEDs in the red/amber spectrum and how they might impact redness in the skin, she has read every white paper and turned over many stones.

The result though, is a lovely new addition to our facial service offerings.† Red spectrum LED light. The fancy name is photobiomodulation.† It uses light in the far-red to near-infrared region of the spectrum and modulates numerous cellular functions.† Itís anti-inflammatory results are well documented in an Age Management & LED study conducted in Hunt Valley Maryland at the Skin and Vein Institute where they combined laser procures with non thermal LED to enhance healing response.† †

Photo Facial Rejuvenation (LED light therapy) is a spa facial treatment especially developed for the unveiling of natural healthy skin through deep treatment of skin.† Our treatment uses the different wavelengths of light to penetrate and treat different layers of the skin. Photo rejuvenation skin care is non-evasive, creates absolutely no physical discomfort other than the light (clientís eyes are safely protected during the treatment) and requires no downtime.

Photo Facial Rejuvenation treatments are extremely effective in treating a host of skin care issues. With Photo Rejuvenation skin care you can expect to see relief from: visible signs of skin damage from sun and extreme weather exposure; acne (redness and flareups reduced); rosacea; pre-mature wrinkles; visible broken capillaries;† dark spots and hyperpigmentation; enlarged pores; and uneven skin tone.

This service can be combined with any of our other facial services for $75 (30 minutes).† As a stand alone service, we add a deep cleaning and hydration after the treatment and it retails for $110 (1 hour).† Using this skin care therapy is recommended in a series of five treatments.

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