HydraDerm Facial


Give the gift of skin renewal!

All services are performed in Pagosa at the Bee Hive on Lake Pagosa.

Hydroderm microabrasion equipment will allow us to provide a more advanced version of Microderm Abrasion services.  It is chemical free, has less side effects, and the diamond tip plates are so much more exact that we can properly control the device to produce excellent results for even the most sensitive clients.  This is important for those living at high altitudes because the stress our skin endures is greater than those in humid lower altitude climates.

Some of the immediate benefits include:

  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reduces the number and depth of brown pigmentation spots
  • Improves aging, thickened skin.
  • Improves sun damaged skin.
  • Encourages softer, smoother skin and refines pores.
  • Reduces the appearance of scar tissue and softens the treated area helping it to restore to healthy flexible skin.
  • Lack luster skin appears more radiant as the dead cells are quickly removed and moisture is pushed into the new skin.
  • Addresses deep lines in the nasolabial folds by stimulating deep layers of circulation and smoothing the folds.
  • This treatment is highly recommended for Perioral wrinkles are the fine or deep lines that occur around the mouth and lips and is preferred to fillers.
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